Life Groups

Our Autumn Term Life Groups

We are now 2 terms into our new life groups, looking ahead to our 3rd term! Thank you for the way you have got behind these groups. We are excited for all that is in store. We are thankful of stories of how God is transforming us, as we meet new people, make friends and grow in faith.And this is what our life groups at Kings are all about!

Meeting new people, making friends and growing in faith. We encourage you to look through the groups for the Autumn term and see what you would like to be part of and what God is speaking to you about.

Meeting  new  people: Joining  a  community group or social group to serve the community. Inviting neighbours or new friends along to enjoy activities and develop friendships.

Making friends: Coming together  as a group of 12 people with a shared interest/hobbies widening your friendships within our Church community, perhaps with other people you have never spoken to before.

Growing in Faith: Investing our time to learn more about God we are continually being transformed, so we then can look to transform situations around us.

The term will run for 9 weeks from the 24th September - 30th November. We do ask that you commit to the whole term, not only to get the most out of the group you are part of but to also honour the group Leaders. Please commit to one group well rather than a few groups poorly.

After the 22nd of July you will receive a confirmation email of your Autumn life group. Your life group leader will then be in touch before the term starts in September.

We hope you have a great time in your Autumn Life group!

The Eldership team