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The Prayer Course


The Prayer Course is series of eight videos by Pete Greig, founder of 24-7 Prayer, to help you deepen your prayer life.

Across the videos Pete unpacks the Lord’s Prayer line by line and covers topics including why pray, adoration, petition, intercession, unanswered prayer, listening and spiritual warfare.

You can watch the videos on your own or there are lots of resources available to help you run the course as a small group.

The Prayer Course IIThe Prayer Course II

The Prayer Course II

Following the success of the first Prayer Course, these five sessions go deeper, provoking honest conversation around the hardest and most personal questions we all ask about prayer.

Practicing the WayPracticing the Way

Practicing the Way

John Mark Comer at Bridgetown Church in Portland, Oregon, has compiled the practices of Jesus into a practical and accessible resource for all apprentices of Jesus.

Worship PlaylistWorship Playlist

Worship Playlist

We’ve curated a selection of worship songs to help you connect with God.

Meet UpsMeet Ups

Meet Ups

Here’s a handy guide of how to have a good Sunday meet up.