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Tim Joy is interviewed by UCB radio

Kings Church Heathfield member Tim Joy is interviewed by UCB radio about a picture God gave him 14 years ago when he was unconscious in the grips of a medical emergency.

Transforming Lives in Lebanon

Following the devastating explosion in Beirut in Lebanon, caused by thousands of tonnes of exploding ammonium nitrate, the city was left with shattered buildings and an estimated 300,000 people homeless.

With a gift of £2,000 we are supporting Seed Fund, an organisation that works through the local church to help establish sustainable businesses in mainly developing countries.

SeedFund is working with Magdi, a pastor of a church in Beirut, who has had a brilliant idea to help families rebuild their homes. He is creating a self-sustaining workshop business in the centre of Beirut, with a heart to rebuild the city whilst also preaching the gospel in words and deeds

Magdi used to be a building contractor and is turning part of their church building into a workshop with tools and equipment to enable tradesmen to build and repair windows, doors and furniture.

This will help to meet immediate building needs as well as build an orphanage one-hour south of the city. It will provide employment for skilled tradespeople and allow the training of apprentices in an area of high youth unemployment.

To find out more about SeedFund or to donate to their projects, visit